Marketing Services.

We help artists build their brands from the ground up, from creating a logo and audio-visual advertisements, to developing greater fan interactions and social media marketing strategies.

An artist's image is key to their success.

If you are accepted into our music marketing program, you can expect assistance in the following areas, including but not restricted to:

  • Creative advertisement budgeting and deliverance
  • Consulting with our internal creative team to mock up brand designs / logos / art
  • Timeline construction
  • Priority pitching to our playlists via the Analog Collective team
  • Feedback from vetted music industry personnel, with experience from all three major labels

While we can’t work with every artist, please fill out the following application to be reviewed by our team.

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Tell us about yourself, your creative process, and your influences
Tell us about areas you’ve struggled in while growing your brand as an artist.
Just an estimate! We will figure out a plan that works for you!

If you don’t have a budget, are you open to a royalty split deal with an investment from our end?