Mission Statement.

Founded by a musician and producer, Analog Collective grew out of a need for a more trustworthy tool that artists can use to grow their audience.

Too often artists are being scammed into paying too much for services that guarantee streams and success. We cannot guarantee streaming numbers, but we do guarantee that the growth you’ll see from us will be organic. Through our marketing resources, we aim to help artists build and grow their brands through efficient social media strategies.

As an artist using Analog Collective’s Spotify platform, you’ll have the unique ability to search our database for playlists that have followers from your target demographic. Our self-service platform allows you to decide where you submit your music, and which artists you’d hope to see yourself curated beside.

Finally, our curators are not allowed to receive money for guaranteed track placement. They are paid a flat rate regardless of accepting or rejecting a track. We’ve implemented this not only to comply with Spotify’s terms, but because we whole-heartedly agree with them. We believe your listeners will only grow organically if curators place your tracks because they genuinely love your music, and not because they’ve been influenced financially. If any curators are found violating these terms and accept additional payments from an artist, they will both be removed from the platform immediately and reported to Spotify’s fraud team.

Thank you

Will Adler, Founder